Happiness. Where can I find it?

Are we ever really happy? …And even if we are, for how long does that last?
What I learned from those long hours of economics class is that, us human beings are never satisfied with one thing for too long. It just doesn’t happen. When we achieve something, we want more. That happiness or satisfaction as we call it, does not stay for long now does it?
So the question is, are we always going to chase “happiness”?
When we are single and we see couples around, we want to be in a relationship and when we are in a relationship, we see all those single men and women and we crave for that freedom and independence. Grass is always greener on the other side. If that’s the case, then we make it seriously hard to just be satisfied with what we have. That successful life that some of us want, more money, more adventure or travelling, when we achieve all that but have no one to share it with then we realize we gave up on the opportunity to be with someone. Especially when we look at our friends with their families and we want to live their lives and probably they wonder the same about us, to take a break from all the responsibilities and their family members and just to travel and go on adventures.
I say, we find happiness in every little thing around us, as happiness is pretty hard to find. How about we enjoy our lives a little bit more than we do right now.
Every time you drink hot chocolate on a cold day, enjoy every bit of that. Sip slowly.
Every time you go outside, inhale the air and just be happy to be alive because there are people who just struggling to be alive.
Every time you see your friends, just enjoy their company because these people want you around and that means you’re an all-right person who managed to make friends.
Every time you see some goodness in people, smile, because there’s some humanity left. Or just smile at random people anyway, don’t creep them out though, spread some of that contagious smile. 😉
Tell someone what you like about that person. Compliment them. You might get something back too.
Ask someone out, even if you’re a girl and its something you don’t do. What’s the worse that can happen? He might reject you? At least now you can move on rather than holding on it. Or what if he likes you too? But more importantly, now he or she knows how you feel.
How about call up your parents and tell them how amazing they are. Even if they have been wrong at times, let’s be a bigger person and tell them they did a great job at raising us.
Rather than avoiding a homeless guy by saying he would do drugs if I give him money, why not buy him something to eat or drink?
How about a random lunch date with your friends? Just to catch up.
Buy something nice for someone, just cause.
I believe we can make ourselves happy, every day, every minute by doing something for ourselves or someone else rather than moaning about how life is unfair and… Just accept that it is unfair but we can live it anyway.
I hope it helped?
The Oreos.



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